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Tillandsia Bulbosa

Tillandsia Bulbosa


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Tillandsia epiphytic plants belonging to the family Bromeliaceae.

These amazing plants are native to Central and South America and the southern USA.

You can read more about these amazing plants in our article.

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Tillandsia bulbose or bulbous is common in Mexico, South and Central America.

The species was described by the German botanist William Hooker in 1825.

Leaves 8-18 cm long, inflorescence is a sparse raceme, consisting of individual spikelets, red or pink. The flowers are about 3 cm long, the petals are dark blue or purple.

Since the plant is covered with a small amount of trichomes, it requires more frequent spraying or bathing. After that, be sure to drain off excess moisture.

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* Tillandsia care instructions

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